Working methods


Different pathways


Working methods


Next to the working methods below, personal attention is an important element in my work. They are my core values and form the red line through my work. Simplicity, clarity, energy and integrity. My workbook ‘from head to heart’ and inspirational cards are a working tool that I use with a lot of enthusiasm.



With these Buddhist-inspired viewpoints and ways of being, we learn how to get into contact with the HERE and NOW.



In this form of therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, we work on psychological flexibility. How can you cope with thoughts, feelings and stimuli? Are you willing to construct the life of your dreams? I do!


Walking therapy

Walking is the ideal way to let go of any tension in a natural way. You’ll get back into contact with your environment or yourself, and you get the chance to list up some things. Effectiveness has been proven!


Creative forms of therapy

Writing, dancing, drawing, moving! Things we used to do when we were a child, but might have lost along the way. However, they can still be beneficial in our adult life.



A tool that has brought me a lot and still does, although it does actually the opposite. It brings you ‘nothing’, but helps you to let go of things. Letting thoughts float by, like clouds, working on a less reactive attitude. And so much more… or less? Depends on how you look at it.



By structuring conversations, it helps to clear your head from thoughts; by speaking about your thoughts, by sharing them.


Inspired action

Making use of your intuition is a beautiful gift. Everything you need is already there, it is just a matter of following your inner voice.


Common sense

And sometimes, it is just much easier than what we make of it in our head.



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