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Below you will find the 4 pathways which I offer. These pathways are rather direction indicators, than a predetermined path. They are constructed in a very unique way. Single sessions are also a possibility.

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In the clouds

From 6 to 12 years


  • Acquiring skills
  • Coping with sensitivity
  • Creating a safe space


In a playful manner, role play, being outside or inside, with your family, …


Back on your track

From 6 to 12 years old


  • Emotional well-being
  • Motivation
  • Creating a safe place


Being outside or inside, expression, conversations, relaxation, …



From 21 years old


  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual growth
  • Value-oriented living


Inner peace, outside your comfort zone, reframing, new habits, 444-model, …


Listen to your body

All ages


  • Selfcare
  • Delimitation
  • Overstimulation


Acceptance, here and now, processing, 444-model, …


In the clouds

Are you worried about the behaviour of your child? Think about things such as: unhealthy eating habits, difficulties with sleeping, no lust to go to school, difficulties with social contact, etc.

In a playful manner we release feelings and thoughts or during a walk we talk about what is going on. We practice with behavioural change and above all, we keep it light, like the clouds.


Back on Your track

Do you experience pressure to perform? You have no motivation and you are actually just doing something? Or maybe you find it hard to cope with all the stimuli and therefore, you are you very sensitive to your environment? Maybe you contemplate and worry a lot?

By walking, in my practice or during another activity, we can look for motivation. We will learn how to use your own strength by paying attention to your environment and how you can cope with your thoughts and worries. Back on YOUR track!



Do you want to work on personal growth?  A healthier and happier life? Are you confronted with the same situations all the time, and has the time for change come? Are you looking for a sense of purpose?

By self-examination we will find what works best for you. Let’s grow! We work with my book ‘from head to heart’ and the inspirational cards which can be a source of inspiration, motivation and practice.


Listen to your body

Can you use some support after a changing medical procedure? Processing is not necessarily something you do alone. Or maybe you want to learn how to cope with overstimulation? Listening to your body is something you can learn. Step by step, we gain trust again.

Each story is unique. Mine is not the same as yours, but where our roads cross I can be there for you. As a human, as a listening ear, as an expert.



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